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It's easy to contribute, this link takes you right to our page, you pick a contribution level, and pay through your existing Amazon account.  It truly is quick and simple!!!  And our rewards are filled with existing and new native nectar menu items and some fun exotic items as well -- er, like Wilson Lip Syncing, and gourmet lunches and dinners for you and your posse.   

Short on funds.  We get that!  See below for other great ways to help us. 

We've been pouring our lives into expanding Native Nectar for the last 3 months.  Our Kickstarter campaign is launched to make that dream become a reality.  When we reach our goal, we will open a Bentonville location and we will add even more of organic food items to our menu at both locations. For us to reach our goal, we need your help! Here's what you can do to support the cause:         •  Spread the word: Whether by word of mouth, social media, carrier pigeon, snail mail or sandwich board, let people know what we are up to and that we need their support. below are links you can like and share on your facebook/twitter/instagram accounts to get the word out.      •  Share our story: If you have a business or access to another location where information can be made available to the community, we can hook you up with flyers, cards, stickers, etc. which you can use to get the word out.       •  Socialize us: If you like our products, go onto our kickstarter page and comment to let people know. your positivity will encourage the support we need.       • Contribute to our cause: On kickstarter. every contribution counts -- no matter the size -- and is enormously appreciated. to reach our goal, we literally will need hundreds of small contributions from the community.  plus, there are cool rewards--check 'em out

I hope that you see my passion and vision in this project!  Much love! Wilson Wood Co-Owner, Native Nectar Juice Co.


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