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We use plastic, recyclable bottles that are bpa-free.

bisphenol a (bpa) is an organic compound with the chemical formula (ch3)2c(c6h4oh)2. it is used to make specific kinds of plastic: polycarbonate polymers and epoxy resins.


Plastic is unavoidable in our Grab and Go business.  So we are using the best bpa free plastic bottles we can find.


bpa is controversial because it exerts weak, but detectable, hormone-like properties, raising concerns about its presence in consumer products and foods contained in such products.


Native Nectar bottles are made from polyethylene terephthalate (pet) plastic, which does not contain bpa anywhere in its chemical composition.


In bottling we do not heat anything. we do not use microwaves, and we do not boil or soak bottles in high temperatures.  (We do heat water to clean our tools that we juice with.) 


Plastic sucks. We dislike contributing to the world’s pollution challenge. when Native Nectar was founded, our juice  was sold in heavy glass bottles.  We tried valiantly to hold the line and recycle them, this did not last. People love our juice so we would rotate through thousands of glass bottles in our small production facilities, this was not commercially viable. Fact is we cannot survive in this business without the use of plastic.


We are happy to have tried and our proud of our progress providing our cold pressed juice as 100% organic, raw, and never watered down.

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