Bentonville Menu




Avocado Toast $7

Multi- grain bread, Avocado, Sliced tomatoes, Balsamic drizzle


Avocado Pico Toast $7

Multi- grain bread, Avocado, Fresh Pico de gallo, Mixed greens, Cilantro lime sauce


Peanut Butter Banana Toast $6

Multi- grain bread, Peanut butter, Banana, Maple syrup, Cinnamon





Taco Salad $10

Mixed Greens, Walnut taco meat, Fresh Pico de gallo, Black bean hummus, Avocado, Purple cabbage, Served with Cilantro Lime Dressing


Summer Berry Salad $10

Mixed Greens, Red onion, Tomato, Avocado, Strawberries, Crushed almonds, Served with Mixed Berry Vinaigrette


Caprese Salad $10

Sliced Tomato, Avocado, Fresh basil, Balsamic drizzle, Basil Olive oil





NN Nachos $10

Chips, Vegan Cashew cheese sauce, Fresh Pico de gallo, Corn, Black beans, Purple cabbage, Cilantro lime sauce, Fresh Guacamole


Vegan Tacos $10

Two sprouted grain taco shells filled with walnut taco meat, spring mix, avocado, red onion, purple cabbage and our famous green sauce


White Bean Hummus $9

White bean hummus, Zatar Seasoning, Olive oil, Served with assorted veggies


Black Bean Burrito $8

Black bean hummus, Fresh Pico de gallo, Avocado, Mixed greens, and our green sauce all wrapped in a whole-wheat burrito


Spicy Cashew Sandwich $8

Multi- grain bread, Our Sweet and Spicy cashew spread, Tomato, Red onion, Cucumber, Avocado, Mixed greens





Chips & Salsa $4


Chips & Guacamole $6




Banana|acai|strawberries|blueberries |homemade almond milk

Beach Bod

Banana|mango|avocado|spinach|lime|cilantro|homemade almond milk

Strawberry Fields

Banana|strawberries|homemade almond milk

Cacao Pow

Banana|cacao powder|hemp seeds|medjool date|homemade almond milk


Banana|strawberries|peanut butter|homemade almond milk


Banana|coconut|blue spirulina|lime|homemade almond milk

Outrageous Orange

Banana|cold-pressed orange juice|ginger|turmeric|homemade almond milk

Mother Of Dragons

Banana|mango|strawberries|dragon fruit|homemade almond milk

Smoothie Bowl $10

Choice of smoothie topped with granola, chia seeds, hemp seeds, coconut flakes and seasonal fruit