Bentonville Food Menu

Breakfast Snacks

Avocado Toast $6

Mashed avocado seasoned with salt, pepper and lime on fresh sourdough bread topped with pickled red onion and sliced radish

Peanut Butter Banana Toast $6
Peanut butter and sliced banana on sourdough topped off with a drizzle of maple syrup and a dash of cinnamon

Vegan Cream Cheese Toast $5
Colorful cream cheese on fresh sourdough topped with fresh fruit

Breakfast Bowl $8
Ask for daily special

Smoothie Bowl $10
Choice of smoothie topped with granola, chia seeds, hemp seeds, coconut flakes and seasonal fruit




Banana|acai|strawberries|blueberries |homemade almond milk

Beach Bod

Banana|mango|avocado|spinach|lime|ci lantro|homemade almond milk

Strawberry Fields

Banana|strawberries|homemade almond milk

Cacao Pow

Banana|cacao powder|hemp seeds|medjool date|homemade almond milk


Banana|strawberries|peanut butter|homemade almond milk


Banana|coconut|blue spirulina|lime|homemade almond milk

Outrageous Orange

Banana|cold-pressed orange juice|ginger|turmeric|homemade almond milk

Mother Of Dragons

Banana|mango|strawberries|dragon fruit|homemade almond milk

Smoothie Bowl $10

Choice of smoothie topped with granola, chia seeds, hemp seeds, coconut flakes and seasonal fruit


Kale Chips $7
Dehydrated crispy with a “cheesy” seasoning

Sweet Potato Chips $7
Lightly seasoned and dehydrated crispy

House Made Hummus $9
Served with fresh cut veggies


Taco Salad
Walnut taco meat|fresh pico de gallo|black bean hummus|avocado| purple cabbage|mixed greens|lime cilantro jalapeno dressing

Massaged Kale Salad

       Kale massaged with our balsamic dressing|craisins|carrot|orange|garbanzo beans|sunflower seeds|pickled red onion

Mediterranean Salad
Cherry tomatoes|cucumbers|redonion|kalamata olives|house made tofu feta cheese|hummus|mixedgreens|balsamic dressing


Black Bean Burrito $8
Black bean hummus, fresh pico de gallo, avocado, mixed greens and our green sauce all wrapped in a whole wheat burrito

Greek Wrap $8
Our house made hummus, kalamata olives, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, spinach and tofu feta cheese in a whole wheat wrap

Quinoa Power Bowl $10
Ask for daily special

Spicy Cashew Sandwich $8

       House made sweet and spicy cashew

    mayo on fresh sourdough bread

       topped with mixed greens, tomato,

       cucumber, red onion and avocado

Vegan Tacos $10
Two sprouted grain taco shells filled with walnut taco meat, spring mix, avocado, red onion, purple cabbage and our famous green sauce


Mountain Valley Spring Water $2

Local kombucha $4

Cold-pressed Juice Flight $15 Ask for juice options


Brawnie Platter 4 for $5|8 for $8 Chocolate|peanut

butter|coconut|almond and salt

Vegan Cheesecake $8
Ask for daily special

Chia Pudding $4

Conscious Coco Superfood Chocolate

Truffles 8 for $15
Ask for seasonal flavors

Update 2/2/2018